Lapsus Films

Alternative Storytelling

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French language short film

(Formerly: “Rhinoceritis”)

After an argument with her leading actress, an overworked director sees her team’s morale put to the test. The play they rehearse on stage in adverse conditions highlights dramatic issues of our times. Meanwhile, a man with unclear intentions roams the city. His journey echoes the themes of the play: a world numbed by media saturation, the rise of extremism and the tragic plight of refugees.

With the support of

The Canada Council for the Arts
The Ontario Arts Council
Le Théâtre Français de Toronto
Le Labo

In Development

Zoe’s Room

Feature film script
(more coming soon)


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Based in Toronto, LAPSUS FILMS INC. is a new company focussed on cinema and narrative media productions. It is owned and operated by Alexandre Loukos.

Alexandre Loukos is a writer, director and independent producer passionate about alternative storytelling. As a film maker, he has explored various film and video genres: from experimental and documentary to layered narrative in comedy and musical drama. He studied cinema and media in Paris and graduated from Sorbonne university. He is also an accomplished editor. He has edited content for Groupe Média TFORadio-Canada, the NFB, ARTV and corporate projects for more than 10 years.

Alexandre Loukos is a member of  FRIC (French language independent directors of Canada), associate member of Canadian Cinema Editors and founding member of Le Labo, Toronto’s Francophone Media Arts Center.

His latest work is a feature documentary released in 2015. Info and trailer are available here: FOLLOWING PADEJO.